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  Welcome to the Valley of Stone!!

 Enhance your Garden, Patio, Landscape etc, with beautiful natural stone Water Features and Sculptures from The Black Mountains in South Wales.

 We also offer a range of Standing Stones and Monoliths.

These wonderful stones are not quarried. They lie naturally on the surface of the land, the result of landslip hundreds of years ago, each stone unique, each a natural work of art.

We can source stones of any shape or size from approximately 30cms (1 ft) to 180cms to (6ft) Let us know what you would like and we will do our best to satisfy your requirements.

We can supply the stones, drilled for use as water features, as well as supply a stabilising stand if required.

We stock a range of antique and modern Garden Furniture & effects.

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Valley of Stone - Patio Stones with Chair Valley of Stone - Rocks and Root Valley of Stone - Valley of Stone - Valley of Stone -
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